Provide the best Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming Products (Plastic Trays, Salad & Fruit Boxes, Containers, Water Glass, and Juice Glasses) of high quality in affordable price at agreed time and to strive for customer satisfaction through properly established quality system and Management is committed to achieve the above statement;

• Ensuring that all products meet identified standards and specifications as per our

customer’s requirements

• Developing & implementing business strategies, policies, objectives & procedures as

described in Quality Management System

• Working towards improving every functional area continuously by involving all staff in a

quality improvement training program

• Provide appropriate resources such as infrastructures, equipment, tools, hardware &

software, skilled people and training in order to satisfy our target customers

• Maximum utilization of resources

• Developing quality consciousness and awareness among all employees at all levels of

Flash Pack’s organization

Management shall ensure that this policy is communicated, understood and implemented throughout the organization. The Quality Policy shall be reviewed periodically at scheduled times during management review meeting